Effective Back Pain Treatment in Jacksonville

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Pain Management

Finding effective back pain treatment in Jacksonville can be life changing. Effective treatment is not necessarily a cure, but it does improve your quality of life. Your pain management goals being met is what defines the effectiveness of back pain treatment in Jacksonville.

Defining Effective Treatments
An interdisciplinary approach is necessary for treating back pain effectively. Pain is complex, the treatment strategy can be equally as complex. Different treatment options can give you different levels of relief. The goal for any pain management doctor is to find the combination of treatments that provide you with the most relief. A treatment is considered effective when:

• Measurable relief is reported by the patient
• Quality of life because of the treatment is improved
• Unwanted side effects are minimal or none existent
• The patient reports more days of reaching their pain management goals than not

Effective treatment can be defined as any measurable difference in the reduction of pain. When the patient’s quality of life improves, this too is a measure of effectiveness. For example, if walking 10 steps was too painful before but after receiving treatment you can accomplish walking without pain, that is an effective treatment that works for you.

The Goal
Your doctor will discuss your pain management goals with you. For example, if your typical pain level is at an 8 and you would like to reach a pain level of 4, the doctor will use strategies that help you to meet that goal as quickly as possible.

Of course, the goal is to live without any back pain, and that goal is always kept in sight but to find the right treatments, you start with small goals. Riverside Pain Physicians is the source for effective pain management for your back, your hips, your knees, for your whole body!

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