How to Determine if Your Shoulder Pain Needs Treatment

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Pain Management

There are a number of reasons why someone’s shoulder could hurt. The shoulder is an important component of our mobility potential of our arms and upper torso. Since we use our arms often on a daily basis, when the shoulder area becomes painful or stiff, we tend to notice the problem. Sometimes, the shoulder joint cartilage wears down due to aging and bone density loss or some type of injury to the area. These types of injuries can heal slow, but individuals should know how to determine if their shoulder pain needs treatment. There is excellent shoulder pain treatment in Jacksonville that can help.

There are times when we are using our arms, but the body becomes twisted or just a bit unbalanced. If this happens when using some force during a lifting or other kind of arm and shoulder movement, the soft and delicate structures like tendons, nerves and ligaments could be strained, torn or otherwise compromised. This can cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort, and it is crucial that these injuries get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. When swelling in the shoulder area causes pressure on these underlying structures, the injury can become worse and hurt more.

Most shoulder injuries will heal on their own in individuals that are relatively healthy as long as the area is protected. A reputable group of highly qualified pain doctors have years of experience in the latest shoulder pain treatment that Jacksonville residents should take full advantage of. If your shoulder region feels stiff, swollen or continues to hurt long after the injury, it is best to seek out trained and competent shoulder pain management to lower the risks of permanent damage. Riverside Pain Physicians have helped scores of patients with shoulder pain issues.

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