Three Foot Ailments That Require Treatment By Podiatrists In Joliet IL

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Health

A person’s feet are an essential part of their everyday life and ensure that they remain mobile well into their senior years. Even with proper care, it is possible for a person to develop a variety of health problems that render simple activities such as walking and standing excruciatingly painful. Podiatrists in Joliet IL are specialty physicians that are experts in the treatment of foot related problems, and the following is a look at three common issues they help remedy.

Ingrown Toenails

Though they are preventable with proper trimming techniques, ingrown toenails form when a nail is cut too short, which forces it to grow at an angle and into the side of the toe. At first, a person will usually only experience a small feeling of discomfort, but the pain will quickly escalate as the condition worsens. To fix this common problem, a doctor will numb the affected toe and cut away the side of the nail that is causing the pain.


Bunions develop as a result of too much pressure on the 1st metatarsal, which usually arises as a result of poor mechanics which are generally attributed to genetics. The improper distribution of weight causes the joint in the large toe to bend and form additional bone material. The result is a large protrusion from the side of the foot that is usually extremely tender when touched, and that is often only remedied through the use of surgical interventions.


Hammertoe syndrome occurs when the toes contract, usually due to tendon related issues, and cause a person to carry an inordinate amount of weight on the ball of their foot. If left untreated the toes may become rigged and lead to the formation of a painful callus on the bottoms of the feet. While there are physical therapy options that may help to remedy this condition, more severe cases may require surgery by licensed Podiatrists in Joliet IL.

When problems with a person’s feet arise, it will make it complicated for them to carry out a variety of day to day tasks. Fortunately, Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates has a team of experienced medical professionals that have helped thousands of patients restore mobility and eliminate pain. Visit the site to learn more or call today for a new patient exam.

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