Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA

Hearing loss is one of the most common ailments people experience as they age. It starts out very subtly, so many people don’t realize they’re suffering from a hearing impairment until it’s quite advanced. There are things a person can do to help prevent Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA.

Wear Ear Protection

Eardrums are very sensitive. Repeated exposure to loud sounds is one of the most common reasons for hearing loss. Anyone planning on being in a loud environment should protect their hearing by wearing earplugs. When worn correctly, earplugs protect hearing by keeping loud sounds at an acceptable decibel level.

Ear protection should always be worn by those who work in a noisy profession. Musicians, construction workers, auto mechanics and airline employees are exposed to exceedingly loud sounds on a daily basis. People working in these industries should consider purchasing custom earplugs from an audiologist.

Keep the Volume Under Control

People love to recreate a movie theater experience in their own homes. Unfortunately, this means turning up the volume on their television up to a high level. This is not a good idea. When listening to music or watching television, keep the volume at the lowest level that is comfortable.

It’s been shown that people actually get used to lower volume levels. Ears become trained to listen better, and louder settings may become bothersome. After just a few weeks of turning down the volume, a person’s ears should become accustomed to hearing quieter sounds.

Get Regular Screenings

As stated earlier, Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA is often not noticed until it’s advanced. Visiting an ENT for annual hearing screenings is the best way to catch hearing problems before they get worse. If a hearing impairment is noted, treatment will also be discussed.

Hearing screenings are non-invasive. Patients listen to different pitches through headphones. The test is designed to determine both the highest and lowest pitch the patient is able to detect.

If a person starts showing signs of hearing loss, treatment may involve a combination of using a hearing aid and wearing ear protection. In some situations, surgery may be recommended if the problem stems from a structural defect. Visit  to learn more about how to protect your hearing.

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