Veterinary Care is Important

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Health

When you get an animal you want to make sure that it is checked by your veterinarian. The veterinarian will examine your pet to ensure they are healthy and receive immunizations. Your pet should also be checked yearly to make sure that no issues are going on that you may not notice. There are also times you need to make an emergency trip to the veterinarian and it can be very helpful to the veterinarian if they have some record of the animal and any medical history that may already exist. A veterinarian can also help you decide if you want to put your animal on a heart worm preventative. You do not want to wait until your animal already has heart worms and try to treat it when that can be avoided with the use of a preventative.

Puppy Wellness Program

Many veterinarians offer a puppy wellness program. When you get a new puppy, it is really exciting as you just got a new best friend. You need to remember that puppies need attention and veterinarian care to stay happy and healthy. A veterinarian hospital in Chicago will examine your new puppy and give vaccinations to prevent disease and illnesses. You want your new puppy to stay healthy and vaccinations can ensure that your new puppy will stay healthy. As there are many diseases that your puppy can get you don’t want them to miss a vaccination or booster shot and become sick or even die. Puppies are born with an immunity that the mother gives them, but as time goes on, that immunity wears off. A veterinarian can ensure that your new puppy gets the vaccinations and booster shots they need and start them on a flea and tick treatment. Some veterinarians even offer a free first exam.

Kitten Wellness Program

A lot of people forget that even kittens need to get vaccinations and boosters. Your kitten should be seen by a veterinarian and given an examination to ensure that your new kitten is healthy. A veterinarian will typically also do a fecal exam as well de-worming along with the appropriate vaccination to help build immunity to diseases. Even if you do not have a kitten and you take in a cat, you should still take the cat to the veterinarian as you do not want your cat to get sick either.  When you go through a puppy or kitten wellness program and complete it, some veterinarians will even offer a discount if you want to spay/neuter your pet.

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