What to Expect After Meeting With a Hand Surgeon in Charleston, West Virginia

Hand and wrist surgery are needed for many reasons. Sometimes, chronic diseases or birth defects cause a need for surgical treatments. A sports injury, a fall, or a vehicle accident may result in the need for reconstructive surgery. Patients often need physical therapy after hand surgery to rebuild their strength and improve dexterity. Here is what a patient may encounter during their recovery.

Begin Recovery Slowly

A Hand Surgeon in Charleston West Virginia will recommend the patient take it easy for a while after undergoing a surgical procedure. The downtime allows any swelling to subside and gives the hand time to heal. During the downtime, the patient will usually need to keep their hand elevated, apply ice packs to reduce swelling, and watch carefully for any signs of infection.

Meet with Therapist

The patient often has a therapy appointment scheduled by their Hand Surgeon in Charleston West Virginia before the surgery occurs or within a few days after the procedure. The first appointment will involve a discussion about the goals, needs, and health history of the patient. The therapist will select a schedule and plan that meets the needs of each client.

Follow Therapist Instructions

A therapist will often suggest certain exercises for the client to do at home. The benefit of following these instructions is that it allows the hand to strengthen so more complex treatments can take place during therapy. An added reason for at-home exercise is because they can help the client notice when they have a problem with pain or movement. The detection of an issue is more difficult when people remain sedentary. Simple movements like flexing the fingers and bending the wrist can help to alleviate swelling and enable patients to improve their range of motion.

Many variables affect the complexity of physical therapy and how long the patient will need to attend. Hand therapy does not only benefit people after surgery. Recovery from a stroke and relief from arthritis are a couple more examples of the many reasons people use this type of physical therapy service. Contact a therapy center like Hand Center LLC for more information. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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