What to Expect When Caring For A Loved One with Alzheimer’s Macon GA

Understanding Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the brain cells, causing them to die. This gradually affects the behavior, personality, and memories of the Alzheimer’s patient. Understanding the disease as a caregiver may help you better care for your loved one.

There is no specific cause for Alzheimer’s disease. However, experts on Alzheimer’s Respite Care in Macon, GA attribute age-related Alzheimer’s to the loss of brain cells. What is commonly referred to as ‘the shrinking brain.’ This will present as either behavioral, motor, sensory, or memory changes depending on the affected part of the brain.

Additionally, scientists have discovered a genetic link in the development of Alzheimer’s. This type of gene-linked Alzheimer’s occurs in the early onset variance of this disease. For instance, if your first-degree relative, like your father or sibling, has early onset Alzheimer’s, there is a high likelihood that you or your offspring may develop the same. Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and stroke have also been linked with Alzheimer’s. Therefore, as a caregiver, you may notice that your loved one may start:

  • Getting angry or may not be able to regulate their emotions
  • May seem confused or disinterested in activities that previously used to bring them joy
  • Become aggressive or delirious
  • Wander off from home
  • Have weird or irregular sleeping patterns
  • Exhibiting unwanted sexual behaviors
  • Having memory loss
  • Not recognize common spaces or people
  • Experience extreme sadness, coupled with fear and anxiety
  • Sensitize to too much noise or light
  • Experience hallucinations

Managing Alzheimer’s is challenging. However, with Alzheimer’s Respite Care in Macon, GA as a starting point, the journey will be easier.

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