Why Mobile Laptop Workstations are Essential to Hospital Operations

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Health And Fitness

The healthcare industry recently has had many medical technological breakthroughs. From legislation requiring electronic medical records to newer and more sophisticated treatment systems and equipment, technology has made itself a major part of hospitals and the doctor-patient relationship.

One of the most critical pieces of technology that stands at the forefront of this revolution is something that is simple yet elegant: laptop workstations on wheels.

How can Laptop Workstations on Wheels Help?

More than ever before, workstations need to go wherever they are needed. Having a laptop workstation on wheels has become a necessity for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Let’s consider a routine patient visit to the hospital, with and without a laptop workstation on wheels.

The patient typically meets with a nurse for assessment before seeing a doctor. Traditionally, the nurse would record the patient’s height and weight along with their reported symptoms on paper and then walk to a stationary computer at the nurses’ bay to fill in this information on a stationary computer.

During this time, he/she could be forgetting crucial details or getting distracted by other people interacting with him/her.

Now consider the same situation, but with a laptop workstation on wheels accompanying the nurse. They meet with the patient, and can directly input their height, weight and reported symptoms into the computer while having the face-to-face discussion, free of any other distractions. They can verify anything they are confused about immediately since the patient is right in front of them. The nurse saves time, the patient is more engaged, and the lack of a second paper record means the patient’s medical records stay away from prying eyes.

Assisting Doctors

The next step of the patient’s visit is meeting with the doctor. Like the nurse’s situation, the doctor has access to a laptop workstation on wheels and all its benefits. The doctor can immediately access the patient’s medical history, test results, and family history. He/she can now spend more time discussing the patient’s current situation.

The patient no longer has to answer the same questions every time they meet a different doctor. While diagnosing any conditions, the doctor can use the laptop workstation on wheels to search medical databases in order to have more confidence in his/her diagnosis.

Finally, the doctor can update the patient’s medical records immediately and with the patient’s help, rather than go through the same process that a nurse would use without a mobile workstation. They can also immediately share the results with the patient and their caregivers by a quick email.

All this gives the doctor’s more one-on-one time with the patient, addressing the number 1 complaint that patients have about their hospital experience.

Final Thoughts

Doctors and medical staff are spared a lot of administrative work and can accommodate more patients in a single day by adding mobile laptop workstations to their toolbox.

This simple piece of technology can have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency, patient care, and the hospital’s bottom line.

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