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by | May 27, 2019 | Medical Equipment

Due to climatic affects many skin related problems occur in Chevy Chase MD, which can be solved by a skin doctor. But, some people don’t consider it seriously, and try to cure it on their own. Though, some home remedies do work, but as acne has various reasons behind it, hence many times it gets complicated and medication is required. A specialist in this regard exactly diagnoses the acne type, and treats it accordingly.

Acne may develop among any age group, and reasons may be different, as among young people it happens due to hormonal changes, but acne due to oily skin is also there. Adults may develop it due to oily skin, or any inner infection. Among girls or women it happens due to menstrual cycles, hormones, or oily skin. Similarly, sometimes people don’t take care of their skin, and an unclean skin may get pimples.

After looking at the age and type of acne, the doctor examines the nature of acne, like how it looks. Acne can be small or large, it can be painful or painless, it may have puss or without it, it may be irritating or not. Besides, it may be cystic or the type which leaves scars after the cure. Hence, all these types are cured in various ways including different treatments, and time duration. A skin doctor in Chevy Chase MD knows well how to deal with every condition, as he or she is well qualified.

When a person tries to treat it at home, he or she may do it by applying various creams, which could further make the skin oily. Women, especially try to do lot of experiments with their skin though, sometimes they succeed in achieving a good skin, but many times they make their acne worse. Sometimes, the situation gets so difficult, as the acne turns to a cyst and also gets painful, hence a doctor is required.

But, at the same time be careful in selecting a doctor as not an ordinary doctor can understand it much. Acne specialist should be consulted, as he or she has a special degree to treat skin related issues including both minor and major. Similarly, sometimes a patient may have skin cancer, which a normal doctor may treat as acne infection. Sometimes it needs lab related tests after which the real reason is found.

Similarly, when you get scars after acne cure, you cannot remove it yourself, so better consult a skin doctor. In Chevy Chase MD there are many specialists who treat scars through various ways including laser etc. Even some acne types are also cured through laser therapy, and this is required when acne cannot be cured through antibiotics, or topical treatment. Whereas, certain people don’t like drugs, hence they go for laser treatment, besides they also want quick results. Only a skin doctor can guide you the kind of laser you require, or in case of peeling what kind of chemical should be used, that would not harm the skin. So, these are the reasons due to which we need such a doctor for our skin.

Skin Doctor Chevy Chase MD – If you have any skin problem, you should see a skin doctor. In Chevy Chase MD you can visit Tamjidi Skin Institute, as it has a qualified doctor, and staff to treat acne and scars.

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