Benefits of Having Professional Teeth Whitening in Lansdowne

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Medical Equipment

One of the most popular types of cosmetic dental work that many people are having done is Teeth Whitening in Lansdowne. This treatment can help a person to not only improve the way they look, but it can also help them to feel better about their appearance as well. This can be of great benefit to most people.

While there are many whitening products that a person can purchase that are designed to be used at home, they generally cannot provide the same level of whitening that a dentist who handles Teeth Whitening in Lansdowne can offer. This is generally because a dentist will be able to use professional strength whitening gels, which are not available to the general public. These gels are more concentrated and they cannot only whiten the teeth much better but in a shorter amount of time as well.

A dentist will begin the Teeth Whitening in Lansdowne process by first cleaning the patient’s teeth well. Then a gel, which is made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, will be applied to the patient’s teeth. This gel can sometimes be brushed directly onto the patient’s teeth or it may be placed in a custom designed tray, which fits around the patient’s teeth. Once the gel is in place it will generally be further activated by the use of a heat lamp or laser light. The patient will have to sit for at least 30 minutes while the tooth whitening gel does its work. Visit their site.

Whitening gels work by changing portions of the gel into oxygen molecules, which can make their way into the various layers of the teeth. Once there, they can start to break up the various stains within the pores that can block the amount of light that comes into the teeth. It is this blocking of light that creates the dull and discolored look many people experience with their teeth.

Many times a patient may notice a great improvement in the color of their teeth after their first visit. Most times a Teeth Whitening Dentist professional will recommend that a patient have more than one treatment for the best results. This can make the process more thorough and longer lasting as well.

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