Dog Daycare Services In Chicago

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Pet Boarding

Dog daycare has grown in popularity in recent years. The service is ideal for pet owners during work hours. Others might use the option as a special treat for their four-legged friends. Regardless of how often dog sitting services are implemented, the experience offers many benefits to dogs and owners alike.

Boredom Relief

When left home alone for an extended period, many dogs often become bored, restless or anxiety-ridden. Some breeds suffer from a lack of stimulation and contact. It is then not unusual for intelligent canine companions to act out by becoming destructive. Pet owners return home to find a disaster. Dog daycare offers a healthier alternative. During their hours at the dog daycare in Chicago, pets have the chance to exercise and socialize with other animals and compassionate people.

Healthy Contact

At the daycare facility, pets are under continual human supervision and receive constant interaction. The dogs are encouraged to engage in much-needed exercise. Pets benefit from the opportunity to improve their social skills in a safe environment. They also receive food, water, treats and praise during their stay. Trained staff members, are always on hand to ensure the well-being and safety of all the canine clients. The facility strives to ensure that all of the animals entrusted in their care have a pleasant experience.

Great Owner Solution

Dog daycare in Chicago offers pet owners the chance to be apart from their beloved companion while knowing that the animal is receiving the best care possible. Dog owners are better able to focus on work, running errands or other activities while their pet remains happy, healthy and safe.

Dog owners searching for a better alternative to leaving their pet home for hours each day should visit the Chicago Canine Academy at See what we have to offer your canine friend and the options available to you and your pet.

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