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by | Aug 8, 2018 | Pet Boarding

When the family goes on vacation there is no reason why the pet left behind cannot be on vacation as well. Regular boarding, daycare, and grooming facilities are fine but ordinary. There is enough room for pets to sleep comfortably and plenty of space for exercise. What regular facilities lack are attention to detail, private spaces, and a wide variety of outdoor exercise opportunities.

A Vacation Resort

Instead of ordinary, make the time memorable for the furry family members by selecting a pet resort. The family dog, for example, can stay in one of three types of suites. The deluxe suite is up to fifty-six square feet of private or semi-private space. Cabana suites are forty-eight square feet of private living space. Estate suites are a huge ninety-six square feet of private space for the dog to sleep and relax.

Dog Sitters in Elkhorn NE are available to take the dog on a nature trail hike, play in an enclosed exercise area, or spend time on artificial turf. This service is offered for dogs that are lodging or attending daycare. Like all the caring and dedicated staff at the resort, Dog Sitters in Elkhorn NE are properly trained in keeping pets safe, healthy, and happy during their vacation stay. Dog training classes are available during the resort vacation as well if desired. In-home training is offered at an hourly rate.


Services for professional grooming are conducted in private salons where dogs are pampered during the whole process. Basic washing and drying services are offered, as well as haircuts, nail trimming, and teeth care. These can be part of the vacation, included in daycare hours, or done a la carte. Pricing and a detailed list of all grooming services can be found on the website.

Not Just for Dogs

Cat suites of eight square feet are available, as are thirty square feet cat penthouses for finicky felines. Accommodations for exotic pets are also offered at the vacation resort. If the family pet cannot be included in the family vacation plans, a separate pet vacation is available. Go to for details, pricing, and booking of suites.

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