Explain the Importance of Conditioning Training for Tennis Players?

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Fitness

If you are currently considering or seeking some tennis training in Jacksonville, FL, don’t make the mistake of skipping basic conditioning training as part of the mix. Also known as tennis-specific training, it goes well beyond the usual exercises that most tennis players are told to do by coaches and trainers.

For instance, as one tennis pro has said, the traditional approach to tennis training is for the individual to do lots of springs between the lines, cone drills and running. Yet, these are only a part of the training needed for a tennis player to perform at peak levels and remain safe. Again, as that expert said, “Tennis is one-sided sport and the demands on the body are tremendous.”

So, that means your tennis training has to reflect the expected demands and help you better prepare for it. It lets you play well and prevents injuries common sustained when making moves or putting demands on the body that it is not prepared to meet. It really helps if you picture what you do when playing. For instance, you might take an open stance and do some strong forehands, take a closed stance to do a backhand, and work one hip much more than the other. Your dominant hand, arm, and shoulder get overworked, too. What this all means is that your training has to also include:

  • Core work
  • Hip and flex training
  • Body balance training
  • Methods of ensuring that strong and explosive movement is supported
  • Flexibility training

Clearly, that means that the sprinting and regular racket work is just scratching the surface and that for you to be strong and agile, you’ll need to do work that keeps the entire body limber and balanced in term of strength and flexibility. It is why optimal training includes moves like plyometric exercise (think lunges, planks, burpees, pushups, squats and so on). It is also why deep stretches need to be integrated into workouts to ensure that movement is fluid and unrestricted.

Though experts will say that you can do 30 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) a few times a week, it is not the same as tennis training with experts. At SAS Sports Performance in Jacksonville, you can get the kind of comprehensive training that improves your tennis game as well as ensuring your body is capable of providing bursts of powerful, explosive and controlled movement.

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