IGF-1 Spray and the Fitness World

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Supplements

Have you heard of IGF-1 spray? Maybe not, but it is taking the fitness world by storm because of its help in increasing lean tissue and muscle, faster recovery after working out in the gym and bigger performance gains overall. You and all the bodybuilders have the deer and their antlers to thank for this amazing supplement. Besides that, IGF-1 spray improves the overall wellness and health of the layman. You do not have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from this supplement. IGF-1 spray has been referred to as the new miracle molecule in the arena of health.

What Is It? — Deer Antler Velvet

Did you know deer antlers have velvet on them? Besides that, the antlers grow at a high speed. When the antlers are their largest, the cartilage converts to bone. After the blood supply and nerves are lost, the antlers will have hardened. The stag rubs them against trees in an effort to remove the remaining skin. In the spring, the cycle starts over again, beginning new antler growth and casting away the hard antler. When the new season of the velvet crop begins, it is harvested for medicinal and performance enhancement purposes.

How Is It Harvested? – In New Zealand

Deer antler velvet is harvested to produce IGF-1 spray. However, it is done humanly so the deer are protected and not hurt. The procedure is usually done under the supervision of a veterinary for the safety of the deer. The deer roam at will on the grasslands of New Zealand. Since this is such a big business in New Zealand, there is government regulation on the care of the deer and a code of velveting.

What does It Do? — Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Anti-Aging Factor, Muscle Builder

The list is long and it continues to grow as additional things are found out about the IGF-1 spray. It has a powerful affect on the heart muscle and even helps damaged parts of the heart rejuvenate. It is one more thing to support and aid in weight loss, leading to a healthy body weight. It also has a unique ability to repair damaged nerves through stimulating repair to motor neurons. The list continues to the fact it helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels so insulin has a clearer passage way into the cells to produce energy. IGF-1 spray also boosts the immune system to give better overall health.

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