Keep Malpractice Issues to a Minimum with Contrast Injectors

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Medical Equipment

Medical practices always strive to provide the best care and avoid any issues that could lead to malpractice allegations. One of the best ways to prevent issues is to have the equipment needed to make procedures safer and easier to administer. One of the most common problems stems from the injection of contrast dies during x-rays and other scans. Contrast Injectors take away a great deal of risks by making the injection process simple. If a medical center has not used automated injectors before, they may not be aware of the benefits to doing so. The following are the top reasons to incorporate them into any practice, whether large or small.

Automated Measuring One of the trickiest parts of administering contrast dye is making sure that the right amount is given. Most Contrast Injectors make it simple. The technician preparing the patient only needs to enter the vital statistics of the patient and the machine will automatically administer the proper amount of medication. This removes the issue of too much medication being given and allows for more accurate test results.Timed ReleaseMost medical testing contrast should be administered over a set period of time. A machine will do this automatically, and alleviate the technician from having to time the injections. This will allow for a steady stream of the dye to be present in the person’s blood stream, and can speed up the x-ray process.

This is one of the most common problems that occurs during the administration of contrast dye, and it can be alleviated through the use of an injection machine. System AlertsAn injection machine monitors the flow of dye into the patient, and will alert the technician anytime something goes awry. It can be stressful to manually observe administration of the dye, and it can be easy for something to go wrong in the blink of an eye. Make sure x-ray technicians can do their job well by providing them with an injector that will make the process of preparing patients easy.It is important to have the most up to date technology available in a medical office.

Precise Bio Medical offers a full ray of medical products, including contrast injectors, that can position any medical facility as a leader in patient care. Visit their website today or call them to learn more. One call can provide greater care for patients, and greater peace of mind for staff.

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