Laser Hair Removal is Saving Chicago Residents Time and Money

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Health

There are a few common cosmetic procedures but one of the most common is laser hair removal. His has become quite the norm for people in Chicago and for very obvious reasons. It’s a very effective and safe procedure that almost anyone can have done. The simplicity of the procedure eases the comfort level of those who wish to have unwanted hair painlessly removed. This is a great technique that limits hair growth in the treated area and this is a great advantage for those who spend countless amounts of money and time on hair removal products that don’t work. The procedure is non-invasive and shouldn’t require any type of anesthetics. The number of sessions varies based upon the depth of the area treated but the time per treatment is typically less than hour long.

Long Term Results

The results of laser hair removal have the potential to last for quite a while due to the hair growth limitation set forth by the procedure. It decreases the rate at which the hair follicles produce new hair and in many cases, diminishes the ability for hair to regrow. The chances are greater for those with extremely light hair to eventually grow hair again, many others never experience hair growth in the treated area again. These results are major contributors to the money saving effects of laser hair removal when compared to the number of times waxing has to be done. There is also the need to allow the hair to grow a certain length before waxing is actually effective. Those who choose to shave with razors are clearly having to do so one to three times weekly to produce smoothly shaved areas. Both of these options when compared to laser hair removal are less than appealing and don’t present the long term results that laser treatment offers.

Complete Confidence

There are many occasions in life where looking great is equally as important as feeling great. A feeling of confidence during those special occasions, big events and important affairs is another benefit of laser hair removal. There is always a chance that a stub or two exists after shaving or the skin isn’t quite as smooth as it should be but with laser treatments, this isn’t a concern. In addition, preparation for many of the big moments in life should leave one feeling full of confidence. Laser hair removal helps to secure this confidence for almost any occasion.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago is one of the most common cosmetic treatments of all. The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery knows the importance of quality care for all clients.

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