Signs You Should See a Specialist About Your Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain can hinder you from doing the things you love, from playing sports to walking around the neighborhood with your kids or loved ones. To learn more about whether you should see a specialist about your pain and discomfort, read on.

Your Pain Lasts Longer Than 48 Hours

Often, nagging pain is common after you’ve bumped or scraped your knee. However, if the discomfort is reoccurring, there could be something more serious at play.

Reduced Range of Motion

Arthritis and swelling of the knee joint are both common causes of reduced mobility in the legs. It’s also a significant sign that it’s time to see a specialist. To test your range of motion, sit on a chair or bench, and try to see how far you can bring your leg up. If you can’t get quite far, therapy and treatment with the right doctor may restore some movement.

Putting Weight on Your Knee is Painful

Lastly, if it hurts to place a lot of weight onto your knee, you should make an appointment with a specialist who can help treat knee pain in Jacksonville. Knee pain can hinder your ability to walk, and thus diminish your quality of life, so make an appointment as soon as possible.

Seeing a Specialist Well Versed in Knee Pain in Jacksonville

There are many benefits to seeing a specialist and creating an action plan as soon as you notice any of these signs. Identifying them early can help lessen moderate to severe pain down the line.

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