What Reasons Should a Person Seek Urgent Medical Care in Andover, Kansas?

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Health

Unfortunately, injuries and illness rarely strike at opportune times. Often, they occur when a person’s doctor’s office has been closed for the day. Thankfully, there is urgent medical care in Andover, Kansas. Urgent care centers provide care for people who have an illness or injury that is not necessarily a medical emergency but does require immediate care. With this information, people can learn more about the common reasons people are seen at an urgent care center so they can be prepared should they need the services.

* Sore throats that are accompanied by high fevers often mean strep is present. Strep throat must be treated as soon as possible since it is highly contagious and can lead to scarlet fever. At the urgent care center, the medical staff can perform strep testing and give a patient a prescription for antibiotics if the test is positive.

* Suspected broken bones need medical attention right away. If the bone has broken through the skin, a person will need to seek care at their local emergency room. Simple breaks can typically be set and cast in an urgent care center.

* Severe vomiting and diarrhea can quickly cause a person to become dangerously dehydrated. When either of these conditions is present, it would behoove a person to be checked at the medical care in Andover, Kansas. In some cases, IV fluids may be needed to restore the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. The doctors can also treat nausea and diarrhea to bring them under control.

* A severe headache that will not respond to medication and seems to worsen in intensity should never be ignored. Serious issues may be caused by these types of headaches. If the urgent care doctor finds a patient has a condition that needs serious care, they will send them to the emergency room for treatment.

If you feel you have a medical condition or injury that requires prompt treatment, contact the Wichita Family Medicine Specialists. They provide medical treatment services during the night and on weekends, so people do not have to wait to receive the care they need when they are seriously ill or injured.

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