What to Do When Your Child Is Sick

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Healthcare

As a parent, you have learned that your baby can become sick overnight. This can cause you to be worried and stressed. With little to no time to make an appointment, yet not wanting to go to the urgent care or emergency room, you can become confused as well. Well, don’t worry. There are pediatricians that do not require an appointment in North Charleston, SC, that will see your sick child. All you have to do is bring them in.

Figure Out the Symptoms

Before you load up your child and venture to the clinic, it helps your doctor to know exactly what your child’s symptoms are. Do they have high fever, vomiting, a runny nose or ear pain? This information is helpful to your pediatrician to better care for your child.

Call Your Doctor

Though your doctor may take walk-ins, it is always best to give them a call before you arrive. This is for a few different reasons. First, they may have suggestions on treating your child at home without the need to bring them into the office. Second, they may have an open appointment where they will be able to see your child more quickly. Third, they will know you are on your way so that they will be better prepared to help your baby and you.

Bring All Your Information

When dealing with a sick child, it can be easy to forget important information about your child.  While you are packing up your baby make sure you remember anything that the doctor will need, including any sick contacts, recent travel, current medications and any new foods or exposures.

If your baby is sick they should be seen as soon as possible. If you feel they are in urgent need of a medical attention, get them to a walk in clinic or a pediatric office – Palmetto Pediatrics which offers sick visits with no appointment in North Charleston, SC. That way you can get them feeling better quickly. If your doctor’s office doesn’t take walk-ins, you can find one who does. Don’t wait for your baby to get sicker, the sooner they are seen the better

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