Ancient Asian Massage Techniques for Modern Stress Relief

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Health

When you’re looking for a great escape from the daily grind, consider the techniques of Asian massage to give you the relief of stress and tension you need.

Japanese Shiatsu

The basis of Shiatsu massage is the belief that the body can be divided into regions called meridians, through which energy should be able to freely flow. This flow helps your body achieve a balance of body and spirit, but when the flow is interrupted or stunted, problems can arise. Shiatsu massage seeks to restore that balance through deep massage therapy.

Amma Therapy

Much like its sister therapy acupuncture, Amma therapy focuses on the movement and rebalancing of Qi through the body. The belief in this Chinese medical therapy is that your aches and ails stem from an imbalance of the energies in your body and that restoration of that balance can improve your health and speed healing. Unlike acupuncture, though, Amma therapy uses fingertips to manipulate this energy force and move it through the body.

Thai Massage

Thai massage was practiced by Buddhist monks for centuries before becoming popular in the western world in the last few decades. It is a combination of what most people think of when they think of massage and assisted yoga poses. This means that trained practitioners will help patients stretch and pull into positions that create benefits for them. The practice has been used to relieve pain and increase overall wellbeing, as well as increase mobility and improve chronic medical conditions.

Book Your Own

When you’re ready to put these techniques to the test in your own path to healing and happier living, contact a Charlotte Asian massage therapist to book your appointment. When you do, be sure to ask what types of massage are offered at your local parlor and what you can expect upon arrival. You’ll be feeling better by the time you walk out of the massage parlor – and be ready to book another appointment right away!

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