Treat Dry Eye Syndrome By Consulting The Optometrists Of Beaverton OR

Are you having problem with your eyes? Are you experiencing less formation of tears in your eyes? If so, then it might be symptoms of the fact that you might be suffering from ‘dry eye’ disease. In that case, it is highly advised to consult a doctor without wasting any further time. If you are residing in the region of Beaverton OR, then it will be vital for you to consider treatment of dry eye at any of the clinics of this Oregon city.

The dry eye syndrome is a very common problem that is associated with the tear film of the eyes. The disease of dry eye is mostly common among the aged people, mostly women in their postmenopausal stage. However, many instances have been reported where the disease had set-in after taking certain drugs and medication, yet in many cases it has been also reported that structural defect of eyelids have also resulted in the disease. Defective eyelids that do not sallow the lids to close properly have also led to the rise of the disease.

There are certain glands in the eyelids that produce oil. These are the meibomian glands. In case these glands are blocked by any means, the production of the oily substance is hampered, which causes the water over the eyes to evaporate much faster. In absence of the water or moisture over the eyes the problem of ‘dry eyes’ persist. This might lead to damage of the optic nerve, leading to blindness.

In case any person suffers from defective construction of their eyelids, he or she might undergo ‘blepharoplasty’ or surgery of the eyelid, in order to get rid of the persisting problem. The surgery helps in reconstructing the defective eyelids, and help in closing them properly. This, in many cases, helps in retaining the moisture of the eyes, thus preventing the occurrence of the disease of dry eye.

Treatment of dry eye by the optometrists of Beaverton OR
It is generally found that the disease cannot be cured permanently. However, several treatment options might help in keeping the problem under control, thereby providing some relief to the patients of this irritating disease. The medical practitioners treating the disease of dry eye in the region of Beaverton OR recommends the application of artificial teardrops, as the primary stage of treatment of this disease.

There is a variety of nature of the drops available in the market. The doctor or the medical practitioner will provide with the appropriate one according to the severity of the disease. In case the patient experiences the problem of keeping his or her eyes moist while sleeping, the person might even try a thicker ointment for the eyes, for the nighttime.

In another process observed in the treatment of dry eye in the clinics of Beaverton, around the region of Oregon, the tear ducts of the patient are clogged, in order to prevent excess drainage of the tears from the eyes. The primary method followed in the process is a painless one and is very helpful in minimizing the adverse effect of the disease. In case the temporary plugging does not work out well, measures are taken to introduce permanent punctual occlusion. In this process, the tear ducts are tried to be blocked permanently and application of artificial teardrops is followed.

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